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or something?Yeah, that’d be nice, but ready round for some dude on a pony likely isn’t going to do much for my relationship life. So, why not only meet a person organically, like in bar?Yeah!That’s romantic!”Gather ’round, kids, and listen to how Granddad and I […]

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One such language is Loglan, created by James Cooke Brown in an effort to test this chance. The audio system of Loglan claim that the language increases their logical pondering skill. Another such language was created by Suzette Haden Elgin, and it was known as […]

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”While Chi Kung stocks identical concepts and routine to the more fashionable Tai Chi, the 2 regimes aren’t to be confused. “Chi Kung emphasises the flow of Chi energy through the acupuncture meridians in a less choreographed way than Tai Chi,” says Allan Kelson, a […]